About TriForce XP

TriForce XP is a highly engineered solution with unparalleled depth and breadth of functionality, designed for rapid deployment, ease of use, and tailorability. The bottom line is efficiency through timely physical, human, and financial resource management.

TriForce XP transcends functional silos and instead provides realistic work flow paradigms which serve the user as they really work.

TriForce XP satisfies the standards of most business and industry types yet offers sufficient flexibility to meet the unique needs, including language, industry terminology, company jargon, and business practices, of individual enterprises. A high degree of configurability is possible through existing customizable features like setups, system tables, custom fields, report writer, and list views.


Relevant, Real Time Information
TriForce XP allows users to view and manipulate real time information so it is as relevant and understandable as it can be. ReportWriter, Quick and Power Views, List Views, and Master File data views offer unprecedented access and flexibility.

Self-Service Desktop
Users can append critical external information/processes/tools to their TriForce XP menu, personalize and reorder menu options, create personal task menus of grouped functions most commonly used, or change the interface language. TriForce XP becomes the only desktop your employees need to do their job, increasing efficiency.

Document Management
TriForce XP automates the business of managing critical information, in any format, that is often previously undocumented, manual, and/or unsecured.

Integrated Custom Solutions
TriForce XP has its own integrated Application Builder that allows power users to develop solutions for problems previously not automated. The Builder comes with standard modifiable applications that address issues related to Human Resources, Policies & Procedures, Quality Assurance Procedures, for example.

Messaging, Notes, Reminders
These comprehensive features mean that your employees can communicate and collaborate from within the management solution like never before.

Role-based Dashboards
Dashboards of grouped, process related menu options save time and increase user satisfaction and efficiency.

In summary, TriForce XP automates the financial and managerial accounting and credit departments. It allows the capture of orders from any source and manages the entire order processing function, the accurate and efficient management of the warehouses and distribution centers, the flow, pick, pack and shipment of goods, the maintenance of accurate and adequate levels of accessible inventory, the delivery of the right product the first time, on time, and the management of returns quickly and cost effectively. It provides tactical management of the entire manufacture process from requirements planning and procurement, through allocation, to shop floor control, through forecasting, and replenishment. It can handle vendor managed inventory, and direct, secure, self-servicing of product initialization, order placement, tracking, and invoicing via the internet.

In the interest of securing investment and rendering support more efficient, there is only once source code there is no local custom code. Custom requests are integrated into the common source code and delivered quickly, directly through an inherent live update routine over the internet - every future version of the software is compatible with every previous version. TriForce XP is multi-session and the entire solution consists of a single database so it is easily implemented and easily supported. It operates across a wide area network and is web-enabled.