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To ensure that each implementation is a success, Systemgroup has developed a standard implementation process which forms the basis of each implementation. This standard approach follows the following steps:

Implementation and Planning

Systemgroup fine tunes the scope, schedule by department, and project plan for the implementation that was fleshed out during the consultative pre-sales process. We create a user training plan and select the System Administrator, the Alternate, the departmental TRIFORCE champions, and the Systemgroup team members to support the plan. Finally, we establish the scope of the data import, if any.

Software Installation and Setup

With TRIFORCE, thousands of setup options fall within the direct control of the System Administrator. These options give you control over how the system looks, feels, and functions for you and allows you to modify it to meet your evolving needs.

During this and subsequent phases of the implementation, we help you select the right options to ensure TRIFORCE is properly set up to meet your specific needs and we teach your Administrator how to navigate the setup options.

Data Import and Conversion

When needed, data is imported from legacy systems for historical reporting and comparative purposes.

Training and Customization

Systemgroup employs a “train-the-trainer” program to train key personnel in each department who in turn train other employees within their department. Verification processes validate both the training and the data integrity.


Key operations or routines are performed in parallel in both TRIFORCE and the legacy system, for a short period of time, and the results are compared to identify any problems and verify accuracy.

Go-Live Phase

Once Systemgroup and you sign off on the Parallel Phase, the legacy system is discontinued and TRIFORCE becomes the management solution.

Optimization Phase

Through our software maintenance plans, we continue to customize, enhance, and optimize the software. Our support and consulting teams work hand-in-hand with you to identify how the technology can be adapted to best meet your needs.


The implementation was incredibly smooth and we were operational with TRIFORCE in just four months, on budget, just as predicted.

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