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CORE is quite literally the kernel of the TRIFORCE business management solution. It is composed of four functional sections: System Management, Output Systems, Builder, and Productivity & Relationship Management.

In addition to the system manager module, the security system also falls under System Management. It is a powerful, user defined system that controls access to information right down to the field level, ensuring total control and maximum flexibility. It permits unlimited numbers of user profiles, security setup by individual function or by groups of functions, application to all companies or restriction to one, forced password change rules, all compliant with the U.S. Homeland Security rules for those selling to the US. A Security Role-Based Dashboard makes it easy for the System Administrator to manage the entire security system.

Multiple sessions are permitted with forced session management under the control of the System Administrator. This permits optimization of your TRIFORCE user license.

The TRIFORCE Automaton is a comprehensive user definable agent which will continuously mine your data based on user-defined rules and take the appropriate action. Combined with the scheduler and TRIFORCE Service Broker, it can perform unlimited tasks.

The TRIFORCE Role-Based Dashboards decrease training time and increase efficiency by concentrating all menu points related to one role or job profile on one dashboard. These dashboards are pre-delivered and can be copied and modified or built with the Application Builder.

All data output related functions, including ReportWriter, QueryMaker, QueryMaster, WinK, Label Designers and QuickLabels, Word Processor, Mail List and Contact Label Manager functions fall under the Output System section of CORE.

The Builder comprises the Application Builder, Form Designer-Manager and Application Suite and allows power users with no programming experience to design and build, through a drag and drop interface, rich and completely integrated applications. It comes with a full complement of applications which may be copied and modified. All Builder applications are fully integrated with the Menu and Security systems.

Productivity & Relationship Management includes the Contact Manager, a robust central repository of all demographics and special info on all types of contacts of all companies within the enterprise. It allows for multiple types of mailing lists and label generation.

The Note and Reminder Systems and Messenger are yet another way in TRIFORCE to track information and make it available to a select few or the entire enterprise.

Enterprise Alerts System permits user defined, color coded alerts to be placed down to the individual field level and includes options for user defined alert parameters, alert categories, and user groups. It can be used to train new employees, ensure consistency of data entry, warn or alert employees to critical issues.

For additional information on the TRIFORCE CORE SYSTEM, please contact us directly.


With TRIFORCE, we have definitely increased our operational efficiency. The software has allowed us to provide faster and better quality service to our customers while keeping our overhead stable. As financial controller of our two companies, TRIFORCE has provided me with the tools to better monitor and control my business. I have quick and easy access to all the critical information I need at the press of a button and new reports are simple to create using the ReportWriter module.

- David Moses,
18 International