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TRIFORCE E-Commerce allows you to transact and interact with all your trading partners, regardless of size, on a much closer basis with improved efficiency and effectiveness. All access parameters are easily and flexibly controlled by you through security settings.

For your individual customers, this means self-service catalog browsing, pricing inquiry, order placement, including optional initialization of products, order status and account inquiry, real time, at their convenience. TRIFORCE even allows you to customize the information each customer can access.

Your vendors can do everything necessary from receive your orders to manufacture according to your BOM and special instructions, print your product and shipping labels and customs documentation, and ship to your specified warehouse or customer locations. You can track your in-transit goods and seamlessly receive and put away.

Your sales people can access all information on pricing, inventory and order status, shipments, and accounts receivable and credit status necessary to enhance their sales and improve customer satisfaction. They may place orders at the point of sale by direct access to your system or by PDA with subsequent download.

The TRIFORCE integrated EDI functionality enables you to trade with the majors and communicate electronically – automatically sending, receiving, translating, validating, and importing all standard EDI transactional documents and associated interactive label generation. This module also offers push/pull containerization functionality and a full UPC/Bar Code interface. It also has all the requirements to enable vendor managed inventory allowing you to become a replenishment vendor.

For additional information on TRIFORCE E-COMMERCE, please contact us directly.


Thanks to TRIFORCE.NET, the time needed to process orders, from time received to invoice, has been decreased dramatically leading to improved cash flow.

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