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Regardless of size, today’s businesses need to source, manufacture, or sell around the globe. Being directly connected to your system in real time is critical to the satisfaction and the performance of your sales people, your buyers, sub-contractors, customers, and vendors. It allows them to make better decisions and resolve problems faster.

TRIFORCE lets you control how much access you give your trading partners. You can simply let them view a subset of information or you can enable them to place orders, initialize products, track delivery, or print bar codes and shipping labels.

TRIFORCE has all the customizable, integrated tools you need to manage your trading partner relationships:

  • Role-based Dashboards for Salesperson, Vendor, or Customer, for example, present all menu access points on one dashboard. These dashboards are integrated with security, allowing you to restrict access to one Dashboard or even more tightly to a subset of information filtered through the Dashboard. For example, you could restrict a Salesperson to his own customer information. You may modify existing Dashboards and create new ones as relationships evolve.

  • Keeping track of demographics, communications, or personal information is important to maintaining good relationships. Data centralization reduces multiplication of records and avoids embarrassing mistakes. The TRIFORCE cross company Contact Management system is ‘Outlook on steroids’ and allows for comprehensive central tracking of all general, key, or other user defined contacts. It offers multiple mailing list and label type generation.

  • Correspondence such as marketing brochures, letters, emails, or complaints must be tracked and made accessible to the right people. The TRIFORCE Document Control feature allows all pictures and correspondence, regardless of format, to be attached to a master or transaction file by a simple drag and drop. The feature also provides a secure repository for master documents subject to revisions.

  • The TRIFORCE Notes and Reminders system, integrated with all Master Files, makes it simple to track conversations, concerns, or follow up tasks in a central repository. It has full reporting and reminder capabilities.

  • The Alerts system allows for the appending of different color coded ‘stickies’ to any field facilitating communication of information for follow-up or related to uniformity in record creation or consistency in TP management. Color categories, accessibility, duration, and level of notification (bubble or immediate alert), are all user defined.

For additional information on TRIFORCE TRADING PARTNER MANAGEMENT, please contact us directly.


I followed the instructions as per your email of Wednesday, last night, and this morning when I logged on to TRIFORCE it was such a beautiful surprise to see the new display!! I had not expected it to open directly to TRIFORCE.NET, I thought I would have to do a change set up to allow me access to the new TRIFORCE, so just imagine my delight and excitement to open in TRIFORCE.NET. What an extraordinary effort and thoughtfulness and work went into such a fabulous product. I extend my congratulations to your wonderful team, and I wish you much continued success.

- Jarotex