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TRIFORCE Manufacturing maximizes the speed and quality of developing, manufacturing, and distributing products while reducing the associated costs and waste factors. TRIFORCE is capable of managing multiple modes of manufacturing, including discrete and process or formula driven manufacturing. It optimizes the efficient use of materials, labor, and shop floor resources and provides complete control over planning, allocation, scheduling, and production.

TRIFORCE offers an unparalleled ability to manage materials. The Materials Master File offers virtually unlimited options for classifying and reporting on materials, including vendor and sourcing indices, trends, division, product line, or season, for example. The Master File also offers a materials catalog. Materials may be bought, stored, allocated, and consumed in any unit of measure with optional conversion. The system also provides for full UPC/Bar Code management and interactive label generation of all manufacturing related labels and tags.

Materials can be set up in a multi-dimensional matrix format (26 across, unlimited down) to reduce the actual number of items or to allow for better control of indices such as grade, potency, or color, for example. The Multi Level Lot Control allows materials to be tracked down to 5 levels, optionally below each point on the matrix array, as well as for quality, or ISO or HACCP reporting purposes. This permits precise tracking of materials by PO Receiving number, Lot, Bin, Carton, Roll, expiration date, shelf life, serial number, etc. for example. Materials are traced from source to product. These features are also intimately linked to the comprehensive costing and pricing tools. TRIFORCE also handles Batch Adjustment and Cycle Count, as well as, Matrix and Warehouse Transfer.

TRIFORCE Manufacturing handles multi-level bills of materials with substitution control and full document management for spec sheets, special instructions, etc. All materials and packaging reorders can be directed by the BOM and user defined parameters. Full production order and work order management is standard with associated materials allocation, automatic or manual, and work-in-process tracking and reporting. Rich costing methods including standard, average, LIFO, FIFO, lot, serial, and landed allow unprecedented tracking and control of production costs.

TRIFORCE also manages job control with shop floor data collection with optional UPC/bar coding for time management, piece work, and payroll interface. The Automaton allows for automated processes and triggering of alerts throughout the production cycle. Optional RF warehouse materials management is also available.

More advanced manufacturing modules deal with full shop floor or contractor work flow control, advanced costing and plant loading systems, and job costing. TRIFORCE tracks and computes yields and waste factors across the production cycle.

TRIFORCE Manufacturing integrates with all other TRIFORCE module groups including all accounting, purchasing, forecasting, and inventory management modules. This means you always get an actual, accurate picture of inventory availability and sales order status, raw materials requirements and purchase order status, and costing, budgeting and related financial data.

For additional information on TRIFORCE MANUFACTURING, please contact us directly.


What I like about TRIFORCE is that we can really do our job efficiently be proactive and in control instead of reactive. All the information we need is at our finger tips. The efficiency of TRIFORCE allows us to grow 50% while not increasing our personnel cost.

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