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Enhanced Productivity - Easier Training

You want your employees to embrace new software and learn how to use it quickly. Systemgroup has minimized the learning curve by creating Role-based Dashboards. These dashboards centralize all critical menu points necessary to perform particular jobs within one simple, easy-to-use interface.

Role-based Dashboards are available for key roles such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Care, Credit Management, and Trading Partner Connect. All dashboards respect security access settings. In fact, if desired, a user or trading partner’s entire access can be limited to one select Role-based Dashboards within one company.

Role-based Dashboards are customizable by the user through a Drag and Drop interface. Menu points can be rearranged, added, or deleted as needed. In addition, power users or the System Administrator can create new Role-based Dashboards tailored to the needs of individual employees, trading partners, or job descriptions.

These Role-based Dashboards will dramatically accelerate your employee training and increase their daily efficiency.


I followed the instructions as per your email of Wednesday, last night, and this morning when I logged on to TRIFORCE it was such a beautiful surprise to see the new display!! I had not expected it to open directly to TRIFORCE.NET, I thought I would have to do a change set up to allow me access to the new TRIFORCE, so just imagine my delight and excitement to open in TRIFORCE.NET. What an extraordinary effort and thoughtfulness and work went into such a fabulous product. I extend my congratulations to your wonderful team, and I wish you much continued success.

- Jarotex